JJ Strategic Consulting

Our commitment is to creating positive change each and every day through our interactions, insights and passion for excellence.

Strategic Planning

Practical plans to activate businesses and communities and achieve goals

Need help determining what actions are the best ones to achieve the goals your destination is seeking? Let us guide you.

We offer a range of services to clients from strategy development including consultation and research, through to strategic reviews of issues/opportunities and development of practical action and activation plans and regional delivery programs. Please let us know how we can assist you.

mentoring tourism strategy


Practical, insightful guidance to help you and your business

Gain a fresh, outside perspective on your business.  Having someone externally look at your website, social media content, print collateral and your experience design and delivery is invaluable in identifying areas to improve business performance and competitiveness.  Jayne will challenge you to think differently about how you market and operate your business.

“Jayne Jennings you are hitting it out of the park.….how cool is that…I know you said you were just ‘sowing seeds’ with the operators but you are doing something with the Guide that is really inspiring operators to embrace change…well done.”  David Morgans,  Strategic Projects Director, Tourism and Events Queensland

Awards & Grants

Secure the support you need to achieve your business goals

If you are seeking grants to support the growth of your business, we will assist you in producing the documentation to satisfy the criteria and present your application in the best possible light.
Looking to have your business or a specific project recognised through awards or accreditation programs? Contact us about our Award Submission and Accreditation Application services. We get results! We have produced numerous award submissions that have gone on to become finalists and win awards. Or save time and have us gather and submit the necessary information for a successful accreditation application. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Thank you Jayne!! You were a superstar and so glad we had you on our team for this.” Kiri Braid, Agri Tourism Facility Manager, Macadamias Australia


We look forward to doing more with you in the future.

Visitor Servicing

Expert guidance in servicing visitor information needs


We work with clients to support the development of relevant and viable visitor servicing. We provide a range of services from strategic reviews of the Visitor Information Centre network to the assessment of visitor touch points. Let us know how we can assist you.

Why work with Jayne?



Jayne looks, digs deep and listens to what is being said and not being said. This allows her to identify the critical issues and opportunities to achieve the desired outcome for stakeholders.



Jayne writes targeted communications that engage the audience, are written in simple English, and deliver the required outcomes.   Great ideas are all very well – communicating them in the most relevant way for the audience is critical to success.



JJ Strategic Consulting has an excellent track record of working with local and regional tourism organisations, local, regional and state government and business clients to deliver on project needs.  Clients value Jayne's can-do attitude, commitment to high quality service and smart outcomes and going above and beyond each and every time.